Great New Decorative Items For Your Home

Great New Decorative Items For Your Home

Now that the warm weather of summer 2017 has disappeared off into the distance and our thoughts are returning to our homes and what makes them cozy and warm, it’s a great time to start thinking about sprucing things up a bit. Whether that means hanging new additions on your walls or bringing splashes of colors to your table tops and seating arrangements, Kole Imports has it all, and at amazingly low prices.

Read on for our favorites of autumn 2017.

Diva Musical Jewelry Box
Decorating is almost always a visual maneuver, but it sometimes can be an aural one as well. Such is the case when you bring the Diva Musical Jewelry Box into your living space. This adorable girly, pink jewelry box is perfect for storing your favorite necklaces, bracelets, rings and other trinkets. Its glossy, feminine exterior opens up to a jewelry organizer and mirror, and when you twist the metal knob on the back of the box you’ll be treated to the sounds of “Music Box Dancer” while you finish your look. The 6-inch by 4.25-inch by 4-inch box is available for $2.75.

Inspirational Framed Art with Jewel Accents
We all can use some inspiration, and what better way to charge up your living space than by sprinkling some energizing sayings throughout your home? These colorful, 10-inch by 10-inch antique-look-bronze plastic frames with jewel accents house positive sayings such as “Don’t be afraid to be yourself,” “I love you to the moon and back” and “Love Changes Everything.” Each framed print sells for $1.50.

Gold Buddha Head Statue
For those who want to bring a little Zen calm and tranquility to their home while also beautifying it, this gold Buddha head is perfect. This detailed resin sculpture with soft gold finish measures 5.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide and retails for just $3.50.

Sticker Peel & Stick Wall Tree & Frames Kit
Bring life to an entire wall with this inventive two-dimensional tree and frames kit. The outline of the tree and its branches brings beauty and the feel of nature to your indoor living space, while the frames you hang from the branches offer an opportunity to personalize your space with photographs of your favorite people and things. Get the whole kit for just $2.00

These are but a few of the many new home décor additions Kole Imports has available for you and your home. All it takes is a quick visit to to find the pieces that speak to you and will make your home sing.

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