Great Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

As any good homemaker knows, most of what makes holidays so festive and fun are the decorations you bring into your living space. These simple additions can add color, warmth, cheer and whimsy to your everyday décor. More than that, though, they can evoke positive emotional responses from everyone who sees them, and that makes them worth their weight in gold.

So with Thanksgiving right around the corner, isn’t it time you start thinking about how you plan on decorating your living space this year? Fret not, though, because Kole Imports has everything you need to bring Thanksgiving into your home.

Read on for our favorites of 2017.

Ceramic Pear Salt & Pepper Shakers Set
This set of two molded ceramic pears painted green with hints of yellow and gold is the perfect way to dispense salt and pepper this Thanksgiving and all year long. Fitted with plastic seals on the bottom of each shaker for easy filling and cleaning, the sets are on closeout for just $0.59 each.

Fall Friends Dinner Plates Set
Why use your everyday dishes and create a big cleanup job when you can add color, imagination and convenience to your Thanksgiving dinner party with this handy eight-piece set? These sturdy paper plates measure 8 ¾ inches in diameter and feature a painting of a scarecrow in a field surrounded by leaves, blackbirds and pumpkins. Even better, each set is available on closeout for just $0.39.

Self-Adhesive Metal Thanksgiving Words
Want to add some Thanksgiving warmth and cheer to your holiday table? This set of 36 Self-Adhesive Metal Thanksgiving Words features time-honored favorites such as “Gobble, Gobble,” “Feast,” “Give Thanks,” “Harvest” and “Autumn Greetings.” They are perfect for sprinkling around your living space or for pinning to napkins or other parts of a dinner place setting. The best part is they are just $0.30 per set.

Decorative Acorn Brads
These homey decorative acorns are ideal for fall and autumn designs, whether they are creations you display around your living space or a scrapbook on your living room coffee table. Each bag comes with 24 metal acorns with foldable prongs and are priced at $0.35 apiece on closeout.

So do yourself a favor and get a jump on Thanksgiving 2017 by visiting, where you can avoid the crowds and shop in peace while finding everything you need at amazing prices.

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