Halloween Items Are Here

It’s time to stock up on Halloween items for your store, and we have a lot to choose from.  Some of these items just arrived yesterday, and they’re really nice.  We have lots of decorations, invitations, bags,  masks, candles and more. 

Halloween Boo Gift Bag

Halloween Boo Gift Bag Closeout

Take a look around on koleimports.com, and you’ll see what we mean.  Many of these items are closeouts, so when they’re gone, we won’t be getting more.  Buy now before we’re sold out.

Take advantage of the Halloween season to attract more customers and  increase sales in your store.  And if you have Halloween items, make sure it’s obvious to the customer before they even get into your store.  Put some Halloween items in the window, and in a display they can see as they walk through the door.  Once that’s done, the items will sell themselves.  Order wholesale merchandise and closeouts online at www.koleimports.com Happy Halloween!

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