How Kole Imports Helps You To Create Your Own Unique Brand

So you’ve decided to take the leap and begin your entrepreneurial journey, and of course you want to be successful. You already have the commitment and motivation, the enthusiasm and drive, and you’re more than willing to invest the sweat and hard work to realize your goals. That’s a big part of what it takes to succeed, but not all of it. The effectiveness of your marketing strategy will make or break your business, and creating your unique brand is an essential step. Kole Imports provides the products, as well as the necessary resources, to assist you in accomplishing that.

A Proven Track Record Of Success

By partnering with Kole Imports, you’re teaming up with a business with more than three decades of wholesale import products distribution experience, and with helping entrepreneurs like you grow profitable businesses built on solid brands. Kole Imports has more than 10,000 wholesale products in-stock every day, chosen to generate a high sales volume. That gives you a huge variety to choose from, and you’ll be able to introduce new items to your product line on a regular basis, which helps you build brand recognition.

You also have Kole’s professional sales and marketing staff to consult with at anytime, to provide guidance on creating a brand from the ground up, and help you resolve problems quickly.

Kole Imports is your best full-service wholesale merchandise resource, not only helping you to stay within your budget, but providing you with the expertise to help you run your business efficiently and effectively, and that includes continuously improving your brand.

Custom Packaging

The look and appeal of the packaging your products are sold in are an important element of establishing your unique brand, creating the image that is projected into the mind of the customer that will cause them either to buy, or to walk away. Kole Imports has a professional in-house team of product packaging designers that uses cutting-edge graphic arts technology to create appealing and innovative designs, including unique logos along with UPC codes that guarantee that the wholesale products you sell get noticed. For brick-and-mortar or booth operations we also provide eye-catching counter displays for high-impact retail appeal.

Name Brand Merchandise

Kole Imports can offer you such low-prices on wholesale imported products because we’re always searching for deals on closeouts of both name brand and officially licensed merchandise all over the world. Lately we’ve offered products from Sesame Street, Disney and Pixar, Crayola, Duracell, and many other well-known name brands. We also usually have in-stock licensed sports team merchandise representing the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, NASCAR, and the NHL. Carrying popular brands like these helps you to build your brand too, riding on their coattails so to speak.

With Kole Imports you have access to the wholesale product variety and the customer support you need to get your business started right and put you well on the way to that successful business you’ve been dreaming about. You’ll be glad you partnered with Kole’s.


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