Imaginative Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

Imaginative Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

Almost everyone knows at least one person who is nearly impossible to buy a gift for because they always seem to have all of the latest, coolest things available on the market. It either becomes a challenge to buy something they don’t have or didn’t think of, or you just give up and give them a gift certificate.

Well, for those who are up to the challenge and are driven to find something amazing for this special someone, know that Kole Imports has your back. Not only do we feature all of the gifts you’ve never thought of, but they are also available at the lowest prices. Here are some of our favorites of the season:

Mock Dome Surveillance Camera
Scare away the criminals and save a ton of money with this substitute version of the real thing. Designed to look precisely like a surveillance camera, it is a mock version that will accomplish the same task at a fraction of the cost, in this case $2.14. It will also surely be something that that person with everything doesn’t have.

Novelty Hand Sunglasses
This is for kids and the kid in all of us. When you need to make a dramatic entrance and want to elicit some belly laughs at the same time, check out these. Literally a pair of hands wrapped around the front of a pair of sunglasses, these will make it look like you’re peering out from hands hiding your face. For just $0.55, they make the perfect finishing touch on a costume, too.

64 oz. Oversized Stainless Steel Novelty Flask
Have a friend with a reputation for liking lots of fun? Then this oversized flask will drive home the point and bring everyone to tears. It is also fully functional, and for just $5.75, it is the perfect gift for that particular someone who likes to tip a few.

Fast Charging USB Car Storage Cup
No matter what kind of car he or she drives, they can always use more space and better organization for charging their cell phones and other electronic gadgets. This handy product features three USB ports and sells for just $6.35.

So make it a point to check in with us at regularly to keep abreast of all of the most cutting-edge products on the market. Your ultra-savvy friends will thank you later.

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