January Category Of The Month: Electronics!

At Kole Imports, our wholesale prices make every day a great shopping day. And since we enjoy lowering our prices even more, we select a category every month that receives 10% off. Everything within that category gets a 10% discount, and this month it’s electronics. Get a taste of what’s available for staggeringly-low wholesale prices this new year before making a shopping list.

Easy Dok Alarm Clock with Dual Charging Ports & Cradle

Use this multiple-purpose alarm clock to house your phone or other portable device and charge it whenever you want. The alarm clock and device dock offer two charging ports, and since it features SCD technology, there’s no need to worry whether your phone or pad will charge. Other features include an FM radio like traditional alarms and an aux-in jack for playing your favorite tunes. There’s even a backup battery section that uses AAA batteries.

Coby Lil’ Light Up White Bluetooth

Dance to the music or just listen while doing anything else with the COBY Lil’ Light Up White Bluetooth. Portable for use indoors and out, the speaker plays every song list you have seamlessly while also featuring a micro USB charging cable for powering all of your devices, and aux cord. Charge the battery for two hours to enjoy six hours of playtime. This speaker is 2.25″ x 2.35″ and offers Bluetooth range up to 33 feet.

Acellories Ammo Black Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Relax with your go-to playlist using the Acellories Ammo Black Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, a convenient device that lets you listen to your favorites without using your phone or another portable device. The piece includes a magnetic feature so the earbuds are worn like a necklace and stay put. There’s also an in-line mic and integrated remote button features for answering and ending calls, and a micro USB charging cable.

Retrak Flavours Purple Retractable Optical Mouse

Add color to your work area with this fun, extremely purple optical mouse from Retrak Flavours. The retractable feature makes setup and maintaining a more organized desk easy, with the cord extending up to 2.6 feet. Other features include precision cursor control and an optical sensor offering 800 DPI. It’ll work with both Mac and Windows laptops and desktops, and is sized at 3″ x 2″ x 1″.

Find these and other electronics at Kole Imports for great prices. Save 10% off by using Promo Code: JAN20.

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