Keep Your Pets Occupied With These 6 Supplies

Playing with your pets and providing toys among other items for keeping them entertained not only helps forge the bond between you, but it also prevents boredom, depression, and subsequent destructive behaviors. Help your dog or cat (or both) enjoy a happy, healthy life with these inexpensive toys and supplies. 


Dog Rope Toy With Plastic Ball


This multi-use dog toy makes it easy to play both fetch and tug-o-war with your four-legged family member. The rope is twisted at one end to make a knotted handle and features a small plastic ball on the other. It is approximately 20” long and offers Fido hours of playtime. 


Cat Scratch Pad With Spinning Toy Mouse


Need something to keep the feline in your life busy for hours? This interactive toy is the answer. As lightweight as it is durable, the product features a scratching pad on top for kitty to sharpen her claws as she watches a mechanical mouse “run” back and forth on the track below. Use this toy to keep your furniture claw-free in addition to entertaining the cat. 


Dental Ring Play Toy


Dental care is just as important for pets as it is for their human companions. These dental ring toys help your dog’s teeth stay clean and bacteria-free, as they feature small bumps that naturally scrape the canines (pun intended). The toys also include small center loops and comfortable handles so you can easily play tug-o-war. The products measure 7.5″ long x 3.5″ wide. 


Cat Punch Ball Toy With Furry Base


This toy provides another excellent way to capture your cat’s attention. Two spring toys with fuzzy ball tops emerge from a fuzzy base so your cat can swing and “punch” the balls until naptime. The product measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 11″ wide, with the base made of brown faux fur. 


Octopus Squeak Dog Toy


A cute squeak toy made of durable plastic, this product gives your dog something to chew on that isn’t one of your shoes. It is also great for toss-tug games, including fetch. The octopus toy includes textured bumps on the tentacles to provide teeth-cleaning benefits. 


Balls With Bells Cat Toys


Since indoor cats typically do not get to chase vermin, these balls with bells offer excellent substitutes. They satisfy your cat’s urge to chase something smaller than itself and come in assorted colors. Each vented ball is 1.5” in diameter. 


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