Kole Imports Category Of The Month For June: School & Office Supplies!

It’s not unusual for parents to start shopping for back-to-school supplies in summer. Whether you have young ones going back to school or need office supplies for yourself or your partner, Kole Imports has you covered. The Category of the Month for June is school and office supplies to help you save even more money on everything you need.


12pc Assorted Pencil Set With Ruler & Sharpener


These pencil, ruler, and sharpener sets make ideal back-to-school gifts for children ages 4 and up. Choose from blue and pink pencils featuring Lucky Girl designs, with each pencil including an eraser tip. The ruler and sharpener are combined so your children aren’t stuck digging around their backpacks or desks for tiny sharpeners. There are enough pencils in each pack to last your kiddos all year.


Wood Framed Cork Board


Wood framed cork boards offer a variety of uses, such as pinning work notes and documents, keeping up with homework assignments, and displaying momentary fancies. Whether this cork board is for you or one of your young ones, it offers a durable note-holder. The cork is real, and the board measures 8″ x 12″.


Scientific Calculator With Slide-On Case


Business calculations get easier with this scientific calculator that’s just as helpful to children. Many math classes require kids to learn how to use calculators, so help your younglings stay ahead of the (numerical, pun intended) curve with this affordable option. It comes with a durable slide-on case as well as batteries and features an easy-to-read display.


All Purpose Instant Super Glue Tube


Glue sticks usually don’t provide enough adhesive, a problem this super glue tube eliminates. It makes art class homework a lot easier since it sticks to plastic, wood, ceramic, metal, rubber, and glass surfaces. The one-drop applicator keeps the glue fresh so your kids don’t have to worry about a dried-up product when they need it most.


Zippered Pencil Pouch For 3-Ring Binders


This zippered pouch attaches easily to three-ring binders so your kids can keep up with their pens, pencils, erasers, and other school supplies. The mesh front section provides easy viewing of the pouch’s contents, while the durable nylon back ensures the product lasts. It comes in several colors so your kids can pick what they want.


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