Kole Imports Category of The Month For October: Makeup! 

At Kole Imports, we’re all about low prices. That’s why we sell our products for outstanding wholesale rates and regularly offer fantastic sales that allow our loyal clients to purchase what they need for even less. Cosmetics or “make up” is our October category of the month so you can find what you need for jaw-dropping-low prices. There’s also plenty of options to inspire your Halloween makeup efforts. 


Profusion Flavored Healthy Lip Shine


Give your lips a healthy dose of moisture while making them shine with these products. It’s a countertop display featuring six fruity flavors including strawberry, orange, peach, and lemon. Each gloss is 3.5″ x 1.25″ and includes 0.42 of gloss of the product. Add it to your store shelf, keep the glosses for you, or give them out as gifts. 


Yellow Cream Eyeliner With Brush


Make the eyes pop for a big night out or Halloween extravaganza with this Yellow Cream Eyeliner with Brush. It includes a small jar of product that goes on smooth to avoid annoying tugs thanks to the gel-based formula. The eyeliner dries quickly to create a “foolproof” result. 


Glintz 5pc 3D Natural Eye Lash Set


Enhance your eyes with these gorgeous faux lashes. They instantly add fringe and are perfect for parties and other special events where you know you’ll be photographed a lot. There are five pairs of lashes as well as a tube of glue for quick and easy application. 


Manicure Beauty Set


Use this convenient set for manicures and pedicures instead of spending money at the salon. The set includes a nail clipper, tweezers, and scissors, and comes in assorted floral styles. Tweezers are 3 1/2″ long while the scissors and nail clippers are 3 3/4″ long and 2” long, respectively. 


2-in-1 Foundation Concealer In Medium Tones


Enjoy smoothing your skin with this cruelty-free foundation concealer. A two-in-one product that works on individual blemishes or as a complete foundation, this highly-pigmented cosmetic comes in a circular container featuring 0.420 ounces of makeup. 


Aziza Studio Assorted Heartbeat & Desire Nail Polish 


Make a dramatic statement with this deep red nail polish that’s as quick-drying as it is long-lasting. It’s available in two gorgeous red tones, “Heartbeat” and “Desire,” with each bottle featuring 0.402 fluid ounces. 

Browse for these and other inexpensive cosmetics at Kole Imports today. Save 10% Off By Using Promo Code: OCT19. 

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