Kole Imports Category Of The Month For September: Toys

Children tend to go through their toys quickly, making standard retail purchases expensive after awhile. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to provide your children with toys they’ll love, and when you buy at wholesale prices, you can get more for less. That’s why at Kole Imports we proudly sell a wide range of toys for exceptionally-low prices. And since toys are the September Category of the Month, you’ll enjoy even greater savings on items your kids will love. 


Friction-Powered Dump Truck & Construction Team Set


Encourage creativity and the power of imagination in your kids with this Friction-Powered Dump Truck & Construction Team Set. It comes with a moveable dump truck as well as four worker figurines, a building face, rock pile, vegetation, wheelbarrow, construction sign, and safety cone. Best of all, the truck does not need batteries to operate–simply tell your kids to pull it back and let it go for hours of fun. Each package comes in assorted colors, including green and yellow. 


Assorted Beauty Accessory Playset


Play “Hair Salon” with your children using this adorable beauty accessory playset. It features a hair straightener, round brush, paddle brush, hair clips, curling rollers, and even a faux flip phone for “taking appointments.” The pink and white set makes it easy to create a mini salon in your living room. 


My Fun Fish Cleaning Tank


If your children keep asking for fishy friends, this tank provides the solution you need. The mini aquarium cleans itself simply by adding water, as gravity provides the necessary cleansing. In addition to the tank, the package includes riverbed stones, one LED light, and one aquatic plant. It’s perfect for fish that do not require a lot of room, such as beta fish. 


2 Pack 7” Snap-On Fashion Doll With Accessories


Provide this toy to keep the kids busy with dress-up fun. Every accessory snaps on for easy use and includes dresses as well as wigs. Each kit also includes a hairbrush and purse. Use it to again encourage creative thinking in your kids, since playing is their job! 


Pirates Of The Carribean Walkie-Talkies


Give these walkie-talkies to your little Pirates of the Carribean fans. The durable devices are shaped like Captain Jack Sparrow’s famous compass and subsequently feature the classic flip-open design. Creating pirate adventures has never been so high-tech. 

Save 10% off these and other Kole Imports toys using the code SEPT19. 

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