Kole Imports Introduces “The $5 Solution” at the ASD Las Vegas Wholesale Merchandise Show Aug. 4-7

Five Dollar Solution

Five Dollar Solution

Twenty years ago when dollar store mania swept the nation Kole Imports quickly met the rising demand and supplied quality general merchandise, along with immense profits, to its wide range of customers ever since.  Over two decades later and with major wholesale industry changes on the horizon, Kole Imports is leading the charge in the wholesale industry’s evolution with an exciting and profitable solution.

With constantly increasing overhead and ever-decreasing profit margins, the wholesale general merchandise industry is hurting and in serious need of a profit-boosting idea.  Kole Imports introduces a new concept for retail outlets to boost sales and increase profits with mounting costs with Kole Imports’ $5 Retail Solution.

Adding a $5 retail section to a retail store requires zero overhead zero added expense.  Buying into this new wave of general merchandise can help conquer these declining trends and ride this new wave of $5 profitability to major success.  The movement towards great value items at new price points is where the wholesale merchandise industry is heading, and Kole Imports is committed to helping retailers adopt this model right now.

Kole Imports is so confident about this new idea that they have dedicated 2 entire booths at ASD Las Vegas August 4-7, 2013 (SU1000) for the sole purpose of offering unbelievable specials to customers willing to buy into the $5 solution.   With over 200 items across diverse product categories and all at the $5 retail price point, Kole has crafted the perfect solution to combat declining general merchandise industry trends.  Kole hopes retailers will quickly realize that this is the perfect opportunity to build on their existing business, boost profits, and help set the new industry trend.

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