Low Priced Wholesale Candles


Wholesale Candles

Wholesale Candles

We’ve just received a large shipment of closeout candles, and our wholesale candle selection is great right now. Click here to go to our website to see all of our wholeslale candles. 

We have some great quality big candles, medium sized candles, and votive candles, as well as a good variety of metal and glass candle holders. Our closeout candles are from name-brand manufacturers, and they are great values. 

If you sell candles in your store, now is a great time to add some new items.  Your customers will love them, and you’ll be making great profit on them.  Candles are also great impulse items, and they encourage repeat purchases.  People who came to your store looking for other items will see pretty fragrant candles and add them to their order.  Once a candle has been used up, you need to buy another one, so if they liked the candle you sold them, they’ll be back for more soon.  Add candles to your store.  It’s a win-win situation for you and your customers.

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