More Bigger Better Deals On Wholesale Merchandise For Your Store

High Profit Merchandise
We’ve been working harder than ever to find the best deals on merchandise at a variety of price points.   While we do still carry dollar store merchandise, 25% of our product line is now larger, higher-end wholesale merchandise, and we are constantly seeking out more new wholesale items every day.  This means Kole Imports is your profit source for items large and small.  We understand that all types of retailers are looking for great deals on high-percieved-value items for their stores at multiple price points, and it’s our mission to supply you with those items.

If you haven’t visited our website in a while, go to and take a look around.  You will see value and variety immediately, and no matter what type of store you are running, you will find something to make you a good profit and make your customers happy.  At Kole Imports we are committed to bringing you great items at low prices.

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