New Household Goods To Make Your Life Easier

You are a savvy shopper who is always looking to edit your living space and make it more comfortable, more beautiful and more efficient. Consequently, you pride yourself on knowing where you can find the latest products and the best deals. That is why you are a regular visitor to Kole Imports.

Now, as the new year looms in the very near future, you are looking to bring fresh energy, colors and comfort to your home. Luckily, Kole Imports has an amazing selection of new household goods that can help make your everyday life a little less complicated. Here are some of our favorites:

It’s a Clean Sweep
Can’t they make a dust pan that finally can truly pick up dirt and debris effectively and is easy to use? The answers are yes and yes. This state-of-the-art Dust Pan with Removable Handle is designed with a curved lip to pick up even fine particles and a 31-inch-tall stand-up removable handle that means you can clean without breaking your back. Available in a variety of colors, it retails for just $2.05.

Brush Up on Cleanliness
Tired of wrestling to get your dishes, cooking vessels and food containers clean with that beat-up little sponge? Well, take a step up and pick up this handy, very effective three-piece Dish Scrub Brush Set. These brushes are equipped with durable bristles and angled handles and come in three different shapes to make cleaning any container a breeze. In addition, they hang easily and are nearly 50 percent off, priced at $1.74 for the set.

Protection Is the Key
Whether you’ve just gotten new floors or take pride in keeping your existing floors beautiful, it makes you crazy that the bottom of your favorite chair is scuffing it up, or worse. However, all you really need is the right kind of protection. In this case, it comes in the form of this 44-piece set of Self-Adhesive Round Floor Protectors. These ¾-inch-in-diameter black felt pads with adhesive backs require only that you peel them back and apply them to a clean, flat surface, namely the legs of that chair or the underside of a piece of furniture. They are a steal at the reduced price of just $0.53 per package.

Visit and jump on these new finds immediately so you can get them into your home and start 2018 with the new energy and efficiency you want to spread throughout the coming 12 months and beyond.

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