New Scrapbooking Closeouts

Scrapbooking is still hot, and we have some nice new scrapbooking closeouts.  If you have a scrapbooking section in your store, you should add some of these items.  And if you don’t have a scrapbooking section, you would be wise to add one.  We have a lot of regular-stock scrapbooking items as well as the new closeouts, and you can see them all in the scrapbook item section on

Travel Themed Images

Scrapbooking Travel Themed Images

Pretty Flowers For Scrapbook Pages

Pretty Flowers For Scrapbook Pages

The new closeout items are really nice, and scrapbook lovers will think they’re a tremendous deal, especially if you’re selling them for $1.  Above are 2 examples;  travel-themed picture cutouts, and pink artificial flowers to dress up scrapbook pages.  These are nicely packaged, high-end items which we got a great deal on.  Give us a call or go online to order them before they’re all gone.

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