New Sports Items to Keep You Active All Year Round

We have a great variety of new fitness equipment to make working out easier. These items are one-time deals so grab them while you can!

Enhance your cardio workout with this effective Cover Girl Active Pink & Black Pro-Sport Jump Rope featuring a 1/2 pound weighted speed jump rope with black & pink non-slip foam handles. Rope is designed for faster, smoother rotation. Perfect for developing speed, agility and endurance. Weight increases strength and promotes weight loss. Super high quality woven nylon cord lasts longer.

Help tone your arms and legs and burn calories quicker with these officially licensed U.S. Army 2 Pound Ankle/Wrist Weights featuring wrap around weighted cuffs made of durable nylon in a comfortable design with hook and loop adjustable straps. Ankle weights provide added weight resistance for strength and cardio workouts. Weights can also be used on wrists. Helps increase flexibility and range of motion.

Strengthen your core in the comfort of your home with this easy to use Shred & Tone Core Training Ab Wheel, the perfect tool to strengthen and tone your abs, shoulders, arms and back. Great for all fitness levels. Simply hold in a push-up position and roll the wheel back and forth. Features contoured, non-slip handles for better grip and comfort. Made of durable plastic with a strong metal axle. Easy to assemble.

Train anytime and anywhere with this officially licensed U.S. Army Heavy Resistance Band featuring a strong, durable, latex-free resistance band with foam handles that ensure a comfortable, custom grip. Band helps build and tone muscles and provides a full body workout. It delivers steady, consistent resistance throughout each motion, working multiple groups of muscles at a time. Provides low-impact lifting for a gentler, more controlled alternative to traditional weights. Band can be easily rolled up to stash in a gym bag, backpack or luggage.

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