New Wholesale Closeout Pocket Knives

Wholesale Closeout Pocket Knives

We’ve just received a large lot of wholesale closeout pocket knives.  These are nice quality knives at the super-low price of 60 cents, low enough that you could retail some of them in a dollar store.   Click here to see all of our pocket knives. We’re committed to finding great deals on unique closeouts at super-low prices and passing the savings on to our customers.  Order some of these knives.  They’ll be great sellers in your store, and your customers will love them.

The 2-pack pocket knives in the picture above are great little knives, with one traditional pocket knife and one smaller knife.  The knife on the top has a 3 1/4″ fixed blade and a plastic blade cover.  Call now to order some of these wholesale knives before they sell out.  This is one of the best closeout deals we’ve ever bought, and they’re selling fast.

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