New Year, New Products At Kole Imports

Is your online store ready for a fresh selling year? Going into 2019, make sure you have your inventory full of everything your customers will want, and some surprises that they didn’t know they needed.


Kole Imports has some great new products for sale in many categories. From home décor and garden supplies to toys and office necessities, we’re always looking to give you an interesting and current range to choose from.


Here are some of the new products we have at Kole Imports:


Memory Foam Mobile Neck Support Pillow


Our Memory Foam Mobile Neck Support Pillow is perfect for car rides and airplane trips. It’s a comfortable pillow that can be strapped onto a seat or cradled in hands, ideal for taking into waiting rooms and anywhere where a rest is needed. This pillow comes in sleek and neutral black, and it makes a great gift.


7.6 oz Metallic Craft Bead Pack in PDQ Display


Crafters will love our 7.6 oz Metallic Craft Bead Pack. This bead kit packed in a PDQ display is ideal for scrapbooking, jewelry making, kids crafts and more. At such a great price, your customers might just buy several packs to see what other things they can make with such a fun product.


Multi-Striped Cotton Woven Rug


New for 2019, our Multi-Striped Cotton Woven Rug makes a great addition to houses, apartments, guesthouses, laundry rooms, restaurants and more. Order by the pieces or by the case (18 pieces) and stock up for the variety of uses your customers will surely find for this good-looking home décor item. The rug features fringe on each end and it can be turned over for greater flexibility.


5-Piece Cotton Dust Cloths


Made of soft cotton, our 5-piece Cotton Dust Cloth Set is a must-have for restaurants, households, pre-schools, and many other venues. Everyone needs to keep clean and tidy up, right? Why not supply what people need for the fresh new year?


Grey Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port


Travel, school and the office made easier with our Grey Laptop Backpack featuring a USB charging port. It’s simple to charge iPods and mobile phones and keep them safely stored away, with this backpack that has 11 compartments in various sizes. Great for day and night, the backpack doubles as a power bank and stylish carrier.


This is only a handful of the new products we have for you for 2019. Check out our new arrivals to find more.

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