Organize Your Kitchen With These 5 Inexpensive Items

Perhaps you are tired of never having enough counter space for your kitchen tools, or it always seems like the room is more cluttered than it should be. Maybe you would love to do a renovation but have other projects to concern yourself with first. Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be a huge expense, as there are plenty of smaller items that can contribute to this high-traffic room’s efficiency.


Multi-Functional Grater with Container


Save kitchen space with double-duty products such as this Multi-Functional Grater with Container. Use it to grate cheese, vegetables, and anything else from the food pantheon easily. Grated food falls into the underlying container for convenient storage until you need it. The product measures 10 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ to fit easily in pantries and refrigerators. 


Roll-Up Natural Bamboo Placemats


Keep these roll-up placements stored in kitchen drawers while leaving plenty of room for other things. Made entirely of bamboo, these high-quality mats work in the home as well as outdoors, such as for picnics and camping. They offer the portability you want as well as a beige hue that goes with practically everything. Each of the four mats in this set measures 12″ x 18″. 


Labeled Glass Coffee & Sugar Storage Jar Set


Forget keeping bulky sugar and coffee bags and cans on your kitchen counter. Use these attractive glass jars instead that feature silver labels, plastic inner seals, and metal lids with knob handles. Each jar is 6″ tall and 4″ wide, and houses loose tea, flour, tea bags, and various other ingredients just as well. 


4-In-1 Cherry/Grape/Cranberry & Olive Pitter


Add another multi-functional device to your kitchen with this cherry, olive, grape, and cranberry pitter. The mini four-bladed corer removes pits in seconds; simply fill the container with cherries or other pit-based foods and press the plunger. This product is especially convenient if you have crowns, dentures, or other teeth sensitivity issues that cannot accommodate fruit pits. 


1 Gallon Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser with Writable Labels


Keep liquid concoctions in this durable mason jar featuring a handy beverage dispenser. It saves space in your refrigerator and provides an attractive container for juice, sangria, soda, and other beverages. The light-blue metal lid screws on to keep the contents safe while the writable plastic labels ensure you never forget what’s in the 10″ tall x 5.75″ wide jar. 

Find these and other inexpensive kitchen items on Kole Imports today. 

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