Pet Supplies

In the world of evergreen products—those that are always fresh and alive, that is—pet products may be one of the most dependable for store owners and managers. After all, most people who own pets have them because they love them, and there is almost nothing they won’t do for them.

Accordingly, it behooves store owners and operators to make sure they are offering the latest, best-quality pet supplies at all times. In addition, make sure you are positioning them in a place in your store where they will be seen. After all, your pet-owning customers want to find them and buy them.

With that in mind, here are Kole Imports’ hottest new pet supplies for you to promote as we go into 2018:

Multi-Textured Cat Scratch Post with Dangling Toy
Every cat gets cat-scratch fever. That’s why cat owners need to offer their little friend an effective way to stay busy. This uniquely designed Multi-Textured Cat Scratch Post with Dangling Toy includes a carpeted tube and sisal tube that fit together on a carpeted base with a plush dangle toy that rattles to attract cats to scratch it and sharpen their claws, which will keep them entertained and save your furniture from destruction at the same time. Reaching 21 inches in height with a 12-inch base to keep it stable, this attractive post was originally priced at $13.20, but has been reduced to $6.90.

Fleece Lined Indoor Pet Bed
Is there anything more appealing than a soft, fluffy, comfortable bed? We can all agree the answer is no, and all pet owners want their dog or cat to sleep in comfort. That’s why offering your customers this Fleece Lined Indoor Pet Bed is a no-brainer for store owners. This 14-inch by 5-inch by 13-inch bed, which is perfect for small dogs and cats, is lined with fleece, machine-washable and reduced from $4.29 to $2.48.

Indoor Pet House
For those pet owners who are willing to offer their babies even more than just a flat bed, there is the Indoor Pet House. This plush, dome-shaped sleep paradise will make your dog or cat feel safe and warm. Measuring 16 inches high by 14 inches wide by 16 ½ inches long, it has been reduced in price from $15.60 to $9.00.

As always, don’t forget to let your customers know they can save 10 percent when they use the promotional code “PET2018” on their purchase of all pet supplies.

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