Plush Toy Wholesale Closeouts

Plush Animal Toy Closeouts

Plush Animal Toy Closeouts

Just arrived is a wholesale closeout lot of plush toys.  They’re all great quality, and some of them are HUGE!  The green frog in the picture above is 48 inches tall. We have stuffed plush toy monkeys, ducks, fish, snakes, beavers, dogs, frogs, and even bananas.  If you’re looking for big nice toys to add to your store, look no further.  Call and order some of these plush toy closeouts before we sell out. 

What you see in the picture is only part of this closeout deal.  Click here to see all of our plush toys.

16" Plush Toy Monkey
16″ Plush Toy Monkey

This is a one-time deal, and these wholesale stuffed animals are well-made, and really cute.  Kids will love them, and adults will be happy to find them at a bargain price.  We’re always trying new things when we buy closeouts, and we’re sure these high-quality closeout plush toys will be a big hit.  Stuffed animals sell well all year round, and they are appropriate for all kinds of occasions; birthdays, holidays, get-well presents, or even no occasion at all.  Put these plush toys in your store and watch how fast they sell out.  You won’t be disappointed.

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