Promoting Category Of The Month: Health And Personal Care

Promoting Category Of The Month: Health And Personal Care

We’re hitting the peak of the winter season, and there sure is a lot happening for all of us. As a retailer, it can be easy to focus on the myriad holidays, social gatherings and sporting events that crowd our busy schedules and minds. However, it is easy for us all to forget about our health and personal care at this time of year. That is precisely why you should remind yourself to promote the many great products you have that can make it easier for your customers to take good care of themselves, both inside and out.

With that in mind, Kole Imports would like to highlight some of what we believe are our best health and personal care products available this winter. Read on to learn more.

First Aid Kit in Easy Carrying Case
No one wants to think about themselves or their loved ones sustaining an injury, but we all know accidents happen. That’s why this kit is so necessary, whether for your home, office or car. It features 210 assorted items to treat aches and pains, wound treatment and protection, all in a handy zippered nylon carrying case with pockets and handles. Among those items are plastic gloves, cotton balls, cotton applicators, scissors, tweezers, bandages, antiseptic wipe, an alcohol prep pad, a sterile eye pad, a cold pack, an emergency blanket and safety pins, among others. The case measures 8.75 inches by 2.25 inches by 7 inches, and the set is reduced to just $7.49 and $29.96 for the set of four.

You Get the Massage
Who doesn’t like a good massage? On the other hand, they can be pricey, and besides, who has the time? Luckily, Kole Imports offers your customers a litany of options to soothe their tired muscles and energize themselves for a fraction of the cost. For instance, check out our Battery Powered 2-Speed Personal Massager for just $5.90 apiece, $23.60 for the set of four; Relaxing Massager Set, priced at just $2.75 each, and $22.00 for the set of eight; Tingle Head Massager for only $1.60 per package, $28.80 for a set of 18; or the Handheld Massager Countertop Display, which is just $21.84 for the set of 24, or $0.9 apiece.

Those are just a few of the possibilities. So visit us at, and remember to let your customers know they can save 10 percent by using the promotional code “HEALTH18” when they check out.

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