Promoting Category Of The Month: Home Décor

Retailers, like shoppers, can get distracted by the most current holiday or most of-the-moment ideas. However, as a retailer, you need to help your customers remember all of the parts of their lives, particularly those that will be around long after the most recent holiday or passing fad.

Perhaps no category of the shopping experience is more important, and sometimes forgotten, than home décor. Let’s face it, we all spend lots of time in our home, and we all feel better when it is clean, comfortable, inviting and even, hopefully, inspiring.

Consequently, as a retailer, you should constantly remind yourself how important it is to offer your customers the latest, coolest, most advanced and most beautiful home décor on the market and feature it in a place that catches their attention. Here are our recommendations:

Find the Time
Nothing adds color, creativity and function to a wall space more than a great clock. Fortunately, Kole Imports has a great selection for every individual. For the lovers of the world, our Heart Shape Wall Clock may be your bliss. This gray, heart-shaped clock with white polka dots sprinkled around a smaller heart in the center measures approximately 11 inches by 12 inches and is priced at $2.30, reduced from its original price of $5.85. Conversely, even game rooms need a link to the real world, and you can add that to your fun-time area with our Billiards Wall Clock. This 13-inch by 13-inch clock features a green background mimicking the surface of a pool table, with individual billiard balls representing the 12 hours of the day. It is all yours for just $5.08, down from its original price of $8.80.

Reflect on Things
Nothing adds space and light to a room like a wall mirror, and Kole Imports has one to fit every style. For the traditionalists, there is the Silver Antique Style Framed Mirror. This 11-inch by 13-inch mirror features a gray plastic frame adorned with floral corner accents and a silver antique-style paint finish. It has been reduced from $4.04 to $1.90. Another option is to go big or go home. In this case, we are talking about our white Window Frame Wall Mirror. Measuring 29 ½ inches high and 12 3/4 inches wide, it is divided into 14 sections and has an arched top, all for just $7.94.

So make your pitch now, and don’t forget that you can save 10 percent on your next purchase by using the promotional code “HD10” when you check out.

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