Promoting Category Of The Month: Pet Supplies

Pet supplies are a necessity every day for pet owners, so get what your customers need now while the price is right. For the month of January, we’re offering 10% off all pet supplies. Our promotional category for the month lets you save big on already low prices for pet toys, blankets and other essentials for furry friends.


We’ve got a great range of items to keep pets happy and comfortable, including these top sellers:


Knotted Dog Rope Toy


Dogs like to chew, so supply them with a rope toy that they’ll play with all day. Our Dog Rope Toy is a fun cotton rope that’s knotted at both ends and made with colorful fabric in a tight braid. The toy measures approximately 8.6” long and it comes in assorted colors, loose with a hang tag.


Cat Teaser Wand with Feathers


Cats and kittens go crazy over toys like our Cat Teaser Wand with Feathers. This fun toy features colorful clusters of feathers tied onto three satiny cords, which connect to a small plastic wand and a cage ball with a bell. The perfect enticement to get cats their exercise and work them up so they fall asleep later, our Cat Teaser Wand comes in an assortment of colors and is packaged to a tie card.

Balls with Bells Cat Toys Set


Balls with bells are some of the most popular and fun cat toys. Feline friends enjoy hours of fun with our Balls and Bells Cat Toy Set that features colorful vented balls that are made just for little paws to grab and bat around. Each ball measures roughly 1.5” in diameter and the set comes packaged to a hanging panel.


Cat Scratch & Play Post


Kitties can jump, scratch, bounce and have a great time with our Cat Scratch & Play Post. Endless hours of enjoyment are sure to ensue when cats get ahold of this toy that keeps them out of trouble, too. It’s best that cats scratch on our post than their human companions’ furniture. This cat scratch post satisfies cats need to scratch and sharpens their claws at the same time, ideal for a healthy and happy cat.


In addition to these toys, we have a Paw Print Pet Blanket and much more. Get your essential pet supplies now while we’re offering a discount throughout the month of January. Save 10% Off By Using Promo Code: JAN19.


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