Promoting Category Of The Month: School And Office Supplies

Kole Imports carries an extensive range of school and office supplies at a great price year-round. This month we’re offering an extra 10% off essentials for school and work so you can stock your store with the necessities your customers are looking for. From packaging supplies to writing tools, we have you covered when it comes to building a well-rounded inventory.

Our discounted offerings (some at 10% off already slashed prices or closeout prices) include:

Small Padded Mailers

Our Small Padded Mailers help people ship their small items safely and securely. The 3-piece set includes durably padded envelopes to protect the contents inside from damage. They have adhesive strips to easily and tightly lock items inside. Each Small Padded Mailer is approximately 6”x9”.

Medium Padded Mailers

Medium Padded Mailers are approximately 7”x10” and offer a bit more room than our Small Padded Mailers. These padded envelopes feature an adhesive strip that instantly, simply and securely locks contents inside. Each mailer comes with an insert card.

Pink Princess Planner Notebook

The Pink Princess Planner Notebook is a popular kid’s back-to-school item that’s now on closeout. Today’s your chance to get this cute notebook at an incredible price. Even if your online store isn’t currently stocked for the fall school semester, it pays to grab your inventory at a deal while you can.

Blend-able Colored Pencils Set

Our Blend-able Colored Pencils Sets are ideal for work, school, and pleasure. They’re great for rough sketching and for producing more detailed works of art. These pencils come in a set of 12 and are pre-sharpened. Your customers will love the pencils’ vivid colors and their easy blend-ability.

Invisible Tape with Dispenser

Offices, schools, and homes seem to always be in need of tape. You can make it easy for your customers to stock up on this essential because we’re selling it to you at an extremely low price this month. This 2-piece Individual Tape with Dispensers Set features clear dispensers and sturdy plastic tape. Each roll measures ¾” wide by 500” long.

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