Promoting Category Of The Month: Sporting Goods

Every month, Kole Imports offers the chance for you to save money on some of our most popular items in top selling categories. From home décor and toys to garden supplies and other essentials, we provide discounts on select products that your customers want and need.


This month’s promoting category is Sporting Goods. For the entire month of December, you will get 10% off everything having to do with sports.


Here are some of the sporting deals you’ll find. And remember, they already start at a low, low price.


Arizona Ping Pong Balls


We start out with a great price on Arizona Ping Pong Balls and then give you a deeper discount on these fun sporting products. Arizona Ping Pong Balls are stamped balls that provide quality for casual or professional players. They’re perfect for practicing, training, having fun and serious play. Each pack comes with 4 Arizona Balls.


Tennis Racket with Carrying Case


Our Tennis Racket with Carrying Case is ideal for beginners. It’s a 26-inch racket with a lightweight yellow and white body as well as a contour grip. A matching case made of nylon, with a clear window and zipper closure, protects the racket and helps it last a long time.

Yoga Block


Stock our Yoga Block in your store for 10% less this month. Yoga Blocks are perfect for improving balance and flexibility. Our Yoga Block is a soft and sturdy block that allows practitioners to stretch and do poses more easily. It features a classic design with beveled edges for a natural grip.


Sports Ball Inflator Needles


Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and other sports balls don’t keep their shape indefinitely. They need to be rejuvenated with a pump of air now and then, and our Sports Ball Inflator Needles are just what’s needed to tend to this task. The 5-piece set is essential for anyone who plays volleyball or any sport with an inflatable ball. Needles measure approximately 1.5 inches long and come in a blister pack.


Size 5 Glossy Patterned Soccer Ball


Our Size 5 Glossy Patterned Soccer Ball is great for kicking around and getting serious on the field. It’s an attractive ball that features an eye-catching design and sturdy material to keep it looking new for a while. The Ball measures roughly 8.5 inches in diameter. Choose from yellow or blue.


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