Promoting Category of the Month: Toys

Toys are a great item to stock in your store year-round. While trends in toys may change, toys themselves never go out of style.


If you want to cash in on the toys that kids love now without investing too much money in products that might fall in popularity next month, Kole Imports has you covered. We carry a great selection of top toys and a wide range of classic toys – all at a low price that is even lower this month since toys are our promoting category of the month.


Save big on these toys and hundreds of others:


Toy Harmonica


Our Toy Harmonica adds musical delight to parties and just every day. It’s a colorful, lightweight plastic harmonica featuring a fun decal that says “Music.” This harmonica lets kids make up their own songs and play their favorite tunes. It’s a blast to create music alone or with friends with this inexpensive but working harmonica.


Super Scope Hands-Free Magnifier


Science lovers and all children enjoy discovering the world around them with our Super Scope Hands-Free Magnifier, which is perfect for use at home or out in the field. Young ones can investigate their indoor and outdoor surroundings that get magnified 3 times their size with our Hands-Free Magnifier.


Dreamy Fashion Doll with Dresses and Accessories


It’s fun to be creative and play fashion designer with our Dreamy Fashion Doll that comes with dresses and accessories. This doll and clothes set features 4 assorted fancy dresses and a bonus beauty accessory. For ages 3 and up.


Kids Cooking Play Set


Aspiring chefs can cook up magic with our Kids Cooking Play Set, which comes with everything needed to whip up make-believe meals. The set features a range of kitchen necessities like pots, pans, plates, utensils, cups, a cutting board and play food.


Toy Grocery Shopping Cart Set


Kids love to pretend their grocery shopping just like their parents with our Toy Grocery Shopping Cart Set. This set is an actual working card filled with pretend fruit and food boxes that can be carried inside. Little ones play for hours with this cart that measures approximately 13.5” tall.


Super Jacks and High-Bounce Ball Set


Small hands can play with the big kids and be competitive in a game of Super Jacks featuring a high-bounce ball. This jacks and ball set is our take on a classic with larger colorful plastic jacks and an oversized ball that make the game easier for younger players. The set comes in assorted colors and is packaged in a net bag.


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