Promoting Category Of The Month: Bed & Bath

We all go through phases when it comes to decorating our living space and making it feel a little more like our own. First we try to do everything when we move into our new home. Then we go through a slumbering phase where, busy with our day-to-day lives, we overlook all of the things we did not get to or need to upgrade.


Your customers know this, too, but sometimes are too busy to search out those pieces they need to make their living space a better place to be. Happily, though, you can help them by featuring some of Kole Imports’ amazing deals on products and supplies for the bedroom and bathroom. Here are some of our favorites of fall 2017:


King Size Fitted Protective Mattress Cover

Your bed is your other home, and now you can protect it so it lasts forever. For just $1.30, this King Size Fitted Protective Mattress Cover and its lightweight, white plastic sheet with an elastic fitting will ward off moisture and bacteria while being hypoallergenic. It’s also easy to fold up and take on the road so you can sleep clean and easy everywhere you go. It’s also available in full- and queen-sized versions.


Cooling Gel Pillow

Though its original intent was to offer cooling to your overheated body when you are suffering from the flu, this Cooling Gel Pillow is also great for hot summer nights. This 16-inch by 12-inch gel pillow requires no refrigeration yet helps dissipate heat so you can sleep more soundly. Just place it under your existing pillow and enjoy the sweet dreams. It’s currently on sale for the amazingly low price of $5.89.


Grape Bathroom Set

Do your bathroom accessories need an upgrade, or are they nonexistent? Either way, this four-piece Grape Bathroom Set will add a touch of beauty and organization to your surroundings. For just $4.50, you get a hand-painted soap dish, soap dispenser, cup and toothbrush holder.


Suction Mountain Super Grip Bath Handle

Ever wish you had something to grab on to as you get into and out of your tub? Well, wish no more, with this handy Suction Mountain Super Grip Bath Handle. It features a durable plastic grip, suction cups, a contoured handle and push levers and will adhere to any non-porous surface. It’s a deal at just $3.16.


In addition, remember to make sure your customers know they can save 10 percent on their purchases by using the promotional code “BB10.”

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