Promoting Category Of The Month: Electronics

There is almost no hotter staple of merchandise sales than electronics, as this hot commodity features the hottest technological advances of the moment and is of interest to people of all ages. Still, because they are so ubiquitous and popular, it can be easy at times for store owners and managers to forget to call attention to their most advanced gadgets because they almost take these sales for granted.

However, you should not do that. In fact, you should remember that highlighting your electronics for sale and promoting them broadly can catapult your sales to even loftier heights. In keeping with that spirit, here are some of Kole Imports’ most promising promotional merchandise items for fall 2017:

Convenience and Accessibility
The power of cutting-edge electronics is their ability to make life more convenient and to be accessible almost anywhere. Along those lines, USB-powered devices are a force for the future, and for the present. Case in point is the USB Powered Tower Fan. Reduced from $9.36 and now priced at just $5.58, this 14-inch-high cylinder tower fan can cool in two speeds and will be your customers’ favorite purchase when the temperatures soar and power is out. Another gem in the same style is the Spectra USB Retro Style Mini Lamp. After all, why not be able to read or check your phone while your USB Powered Tower Fan keeps you cool as you ride out the storm? This 7.5-inch-tall lamp features a velvet-like shade and is priced at $4.00.

Be Smart About It
Let’s face it: We’re all lost without the use of our cell phone. It keeps us in touch with concerned family and friends, aware of what’s occurring during an emergency and entertains us while we wait. Consequently, your customers will love our Smartphone Power Boost Charger Bank, now reduced from $1.56 to $0.93. This handy charger is sleek and compatible with any USB charge cable, which is not included. It runs on two AA batteries, which are also not included. Speaking of being handy, almost everyone needs an easy-to-use carrying case for their electronics. Accordingly, our Universal Smartphone & Tablet Case is a must-have. Constructed of durable nylon, it is compatible with nearly all smartphones and 7-inch and 10-inch tablets. At just $2.25 it is sure to be a big hit among your customers.

In addition, make sure to let your customers know they can save 10 percent on their purchases by using the promotional code “ELECT10.”

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