Promoting Category Of The Month: Toys

Promoting Category Of The Month: Toys


As retailers, it is natural for us to be keyed on the hottest products of the season or holiday, or the latest fad that has blown up on the Internet. However, sometimes we need to be reminded of the timelessness of some products and remember to occasionally make as big a fuss about them as we do about temporary items.


A perfect example is toys. Let’s remember that toys will never go out of style and that they always bring joy to children. On top of that, don’t forget that adults like their toys, too. So with that in mind, we implore you to make stars of good, old-fashioned toys as well as the newest ones on the market.


Here are a few of our favorites to get you started:


Plush Stuffed Animals

Have these soft, fluffy animals and other beings ever gone out of style? Not that we can remember. Choose your favorites, from Plush Tiger Critter Piller Baby and Plush Lion Critter Piller Baby, both for $0.79, to a variety of Emoticon Plush Pillows for $2.65 and the Singing & Walking Holiday Plush Moose Doll for $5.90. There are dozens from which to choose.



Another ever-popular toy staple are dolls, which now come in endless varieties. Choose from our Fancy Fashion Doll Set for $1.90, Glitter Fashion Doll for $3.40, Glamorous Black Fashion Doll with Dress & Handbag for $4.25, Dreamy Fashion Doll with Dresses for $4.50 and myriads more. You will also find a number of decorative doll stands and add-on fashion accessories and touches for sale.


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

For the builders, movers and speedsters, there are always construction sets, supersonic planes and the latest hot rods and speedy cars. Kole Imports has many from which to choose, such as the Construction Site Play Set with Friction Truck for $6.50, Kids’ Play Tool Set for $4.25 and Launch Race Cars Set for just $0.75. So browse through out inventory and pick out a nice cross-section to offer to your customers.


Balls and Games

Let’s face it, kids love to run around and play. Luckily, Kole Imports has many things to consider, including the Swirly Super Bounce Ball for $0.69 and the Arcade-Style Basketball Hoops Game for $13.00.


So get shopping in your customers’ name, and remember, also, that you can save 10 percent off by using the promotional code “TC10.”



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