Save 10% This Month On Lawn, Garden And Lighting Products

This spring, households will be prepping their yards and gardens for summer. Make sure you have the essentials to sell to them. Kole Imports’ is offering 10% off lawn, garden and lighting products this month so you can stock your store with what your customers need, at a great price. We carry a range of necessities and beautiful decorative items to turn yards and gardens into perfect outdoor gathering spaces for the coming season.

As you think about what yard and garden items to carry in your store, consider the steps homeowners take to ready their outdoor spaces for summer. If you focus your lawn care items, gardening tools, yard decor and beautiful lighting on these steps, you’ll be in good shape.

Aerating the Ground for a Summer Lawn

There are many tasks that need to be undertaken to get a yard ready for summer. The soil needs to be aerated to allow the grass to breathe. This steps also lets nutrients and water seep into the ground and reach the roots more easily. If aerating is skipped, it is significantly more difficult to develop a lush lawn. And, grass might not even last the entire season.

Raking the Lawn to Remove Debris

A healthy lawn needs to be free of debris. With a rake, it’s easy to go over a lawn and remove thatch, decaying plant materials and anything else that has accumulated and will block water and sunlight from reaching the grass. It’s a good idea to rake and dethatch during springtime to give a lawn enough time to get healthy for summer.

Fertilizing all Flora and Fauna

Grass and gardens need to be fertilized to keep the soil underneath nutrient rich. This allows flora and fauna to replenish itself easily if it was in poor condition. It also helps grow a lush lawn or garden. The pros suggest fertilizing about 30 days before the start of summer. The middle of spring is an ideal time as grass and flowers are soaking up nutrients in abundance to reach their full potential.

Reseeding Bare Patches

Ideally, reseeding a lawn’s bare patches is done in fall. But, it’s better late in spring than never if fall reseeding has been skipped. Soil needs to be tilled and seeds need to be evenly spread over any bare spots. A nitrogen-rich fertilizer is often placed over the seeds to promote rapid growth.

Illuminating the Yard and Garden

A finished lawn and garden benefit from smartly placed lighting. Lights can add to the ambiance and turn an average outdoor setting into something absolutely spectacular, whether they’re in-ground or overhead lights.

Kole Imports has the items homeowners need to prepare their gardens for summer. Save 10% Off Lawn, Garden and Lighting products this month By Using Promo Code: LGL10.

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