Save Electricity. Light a candle.

We just received a huge wholesale closeout lot of really nice scented candles in 54 different scents (truffles, apple cinnamon, black cherry, buttercup, caramel corn, french vanilla, cupid kiss and more).  What does a cupid kiss smell like, anyway?  You’ll have to buy the candle to find out.  They are items # KT900 through KT953.

Closeout Scented Candles

Closeout Scented Candles

We have some other candles coming in soon, and a huge shipment of other closeouts on the way.  I’ll post more about that when it comes in.  For now, buy some candles.  Your customers will love them, and they’ll make your store smell better while they’re on the shelf.

You would do best to place your order before we go to the big Wholesale Merchandise Expo in Las Vegas August 9-12.  We’ll definitely sell all of our candles at the show.

Here’s a link to the candles on our website.

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