Sell Us Your Closeouts

We’re always looking to buy new closeouts, and if you have something you need to liquidate, here are some guidelines so you’ll know what we’re seeking.

A large portion of our customers own dollar stores, so merchandise priced low enough to retail for a dollar would be nice, but we’ve been doing really well with larger over $1 closeouts as well, so we will consider bigger items if we believe they are a fit for us and our customers.  Please contact Kole Imports if you have closeout merchandise you want to liquidate.  Call 800-874-7766 ext. 147 or send an email to [email protected]

New items, packaged for retail, and labeled with UPC codes are what we prefer.  We don’t buy chemicals, food, used or defective items.

We like to buy large quantities of each item, so they will be easier to sell in wholesale lots.  For example, if you are selling 2,000 different items, and you have 24 pieces of each item, we wouldn’t be interested.  But if you are selling 24 items and you have 2,000 pieces of each item, we would be interested.  We want to have enough pieces to be able to sell them to multiple customers and not be sold out after the first sale.

If you have an item you believe meets all of these criteria, put together an email with as much detail as possible, including pictures and the price you are asking for, and email it to [email protected]

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