Stock Up On These Party Products For Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the world’s longest-running beer-drinking festival and it’s held annually in Germany. So popular, Oktoberfest has spawned many copycat parties all over the globe. No matter what city you’re in, chances are there’s an Oktoberfest celebration happening this October near you.


The peak of fall (sometimes as early as late September) is the perfect time for the merriment of Oktoberfest as the cooler weather is ideal for gathering and the holiday season draws universal excitement. Will your shop be one to help foster the festival atmosphere that Oktoberfest brings?


It can be if you stock up your store with the following top party products for Oktoberfest:


Mini Frosted Glass Beer Mug


Of course, you need to sell a beer mug for the most anticipated beer bash of the year. Our Mini Frosted Glass Beer Mug is a great size for a large pour. It’s made in the classic beer mug shape and it has a strong handle with a nice grip to minimize spills.


24 Oz. Novelty Beer Mug with Bell


True revelers will love our 24 Oz. Novelty Beer Mug with Bell, the mug that will let everyone know when it’s time for another round. This fun mag is comprised of a durable transparent plastic in a classic design and it features an old-fashioned metal bicycle bell attached to the handle. The bell makes a loud “ding” when the drinker presses the lever.


White Ceramic Plate


Oktoberfest attendees need to have some food to soak up their beer so plan on selling our White Ceramic Plates, which are sold in lots of 6. These attractive stoneware plates have sloping sides, a stable base, and a thick and glossy glaze. Go the eco-friendly route with these reusable party plates that won’t cause the earth to suffer because of festivalgoers’ trash.


Farberware Pumpkin Food Colored Bamboo Skewers


Ideal for any type of tasty skewer, our Farberware Pumpkin Food Colored Bamboo Skewers come in a 100-piece set featuring orange (food-safe colored) skewers with sharp, pointed ends. Skewers measure 8 inches long.


Beer Toss Drinking Game Kit


What’s an Oktoberfest without fun beer-drinking games? Offer our Beer Toss Drinking Game Kit to your customers to turn a merry party into just a bit of a competitive social event. Our Beer Toss Drinking Game Kit lets red cups challenge blue cups in a game of ball-into-the-cup toss. The kit includes 12 cups and 17 balls as well as game instructions.


Grab these top Oktoberfest items while you can. They’re selling fast and will be gone quickly.


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