Stocking Up For Summer with Kole Imports

Well, as the old, time-worn cliche goes, summer is just around the corner, though it may still seem a million miles away for the kids in school. But it’ll be here before anyone knows it, and you’d better be ready for it, because summer waits for no one.

So what do you do to get ready for the warmer months? Start a last-minute crash diet? You’re not alone. Start picking out summertime clothes and swimwear? Well of course. Get the boat and water-sports gear out of winter storage and get them all ready to go? That goes without saying. Got the barbecue ready? Check. Camping gear? Double check. Vacation plans and itinerary all ready to go? Umm, still working on that. But for the most part, you’re ready to meet summer head on.

Or are you? What about all the accessories and little things you know you’ll need but never think about until the last moment? The stuff you always waste valuable time on stopping at the store to pick up on your way to the park or the lake. You know, the kind of stuff Kole Imports specializes in at their Wholesale Summer Sale Event?

Yes, every year Kole Imports has their much anticipated Wholesale Summer Sale and Clearance, just to give a chance to people like you to stock up on wholesale merchandise for the summer. It really is a golden opportunity to not only make sure you have all the things you’ll need for summer fun and recreation, not to mention yard and house maintenance, on hand and ready to go, while saving some serious dough too. Best to make a checklist, and just to get you started, here are some of the summer essentials Kole Imports has available right now.

  • Junior Bamboo Fishing Pole – Seems like the adults always have their fishing tackle ready to go, but they perennially forget about the kids, so the little ones wind up having to use poles that are way too big for them. Why not give the tykes a pole that’s just the right size for them? Same kind of bamboo pole you used as a kid.
  • Fishing Tackle Box – And while we’re on the subject of fishing, as any avid angler knows, you can never have enough lures, or tackle boxes to put them in. This heavy-duty tackle box can take the abuse, and it even floats! Great for the young ones too.
  • Clip-On Bicycle Safety Light – Let’s face it, with all the traffic and crazy drivers out there these days, you just can’t have enough lights on your bikes. Buy a bunch of these and clip them all over the place, or even clip them to your clothes while out walking and jogging.
  • Portable Folding Chair with Drink Holder – These folding event chairs have been ubiquitous for almost two decades now, but nevertheless, it never fails that when you go camping or to an event, someone doesn’t have one. Stock up on extras.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Bug Zapper – What would summer be without bugs? A lot more pleasant that’s what! Keep the little pests at bay with this lightweight, portable bug zapper, and even use it inside the tent.
  • Soft Fleece Foldable Outdoor Blanket – Perfect for a picnic, concert, or just lazing around in the park. Soft, durable and easy to wash.

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