Summer 2018 Travel Essentials

Lots of folks will be heading out of town for summer and will need travel gear to make their trips enjoyable. We’ve thought of the essentials for summer road trips and even day trips to local parks, beaches, and attractions. Check out our complete inventory of travel necessities for summer 2018, but take a look at these must-haves for the season first.

Travelocity Black Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable

Our Travelocity Black Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable rapidly charges and syncs mobile devices on the go. It features a compact design that’s great for packing into a carry-on. With a standard USB connector on one end and a micro USB connector on the other, it’s perfect for families with different phones and tablets.

Bamboo Travel Pillow

It’s easy to rest on a flight, car ride or train trip with our Bamboo Travel Pillow. This travel essential is made of a sustainable and soft bamboo fabric exterior for an eco-friendly lifestyle and enhanced comfort. The inside is filled with high-quality memory foam. This pillow fits snugly around the neck to offer support while sleeping so travelers arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.

Emoticon Plush Travel Pillow

Kids love our Emoticon Plush Travel Pillow that offers a cozy place to rest their heads and a few laughs while traveling. This pillow features a soft fabric exterior with a funny embroidered emoticon face at the top. It’s available in 6 assorted styles.

Luggage Tags Set

Losing luggage doesn’t happen often, thankfully, but mix-ups can happen. With our Luggage Tags Set, suitcases and bags are clearly identified with a colorful image of the world. The front of these luggage tags has a glossy graphic that stands out and withstands handling. The backside has space for contact information.

Toiletry Travel Bottle Set

Airlines and government agencies are strict about the types of containers that can come on a flight. Our Toilet Travel Bottle Set is airline and government agency approved, and it’s the perfect travel companion for carrying shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps and other essentials. The bottles in the set close conveniently in a clear plastic case for easy identification at the airport.

Summer travel is meant to be fun. With our top summer travel essentials, worries go away and the thrills of a vacation are all that’s left.

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