Summer Beach Toys & Activities For The Kids

Summer Beach Toys & Activities For The Kids

You parents know that getting a car load of kids to the beach is only half the battle. Sure, they will spend a good deal of time running around and splashing about the water. However, parents always have greater peace of mind when they know they are armed with an array of beach-specific toys that will keep their little ones occupied when the thrill of the surf has worn off.

Start a War
Handing out weapons to your children may seem like a bad idea, but not when the arms in question are water guns. In fact, this is the perfect activity to get everyone involved, and the ammunition will never run out. So why not stock up on one of the numerous Super
Splash Water Guns available at Kole Imports for between just $0.68 and 0.79 each? These plastic water guns come in a variety of colors and designs to keep things interesting. In addition, arm the kids with some high-powered options too, such as the Super Pump Action Water Gun, for $4.25, Super Water Blaster Gun, for $4.50, and the Large Super Pump Action Water Gun, available for $7.00.

Let Them Build an Empire
Is it ever too early to get your kids started building their future brick by brick? Not when they’re messing around with the endless sand at the beach. So what better way to keep them all occupied than to outfit them with everything they will need to build sandcastles to the sky? Kole Imports makes it easy, with an array of equipment for every style of builder. Start with one of the numerous beach bucket or pail sets, most of which include one or two shovels and range in price from $0.68 to $1.00. For instance, for the wee little ones, consider the Beach Pail Fun Set for just $0.71. Each set includes a plastic pail and two plastic tools, such as a shovel and sifter. For the more advanced builder, consider the Beach Sand Play Bucket for just $1.00. This larger, more durable bucket measures 9 inches in height and 10 -inches in top diameter with a 6-inch drop handle. Available in a choice of colors, it features beveled, contoured sides and a partially indented bottom to allow for different designs in your young ones’ architectural dreams.

So stop by Kole Imports now and make sure your family’s trip to the sea and sand will be remembered as more than just another day at the beach. You’ll be happy to have your kids engaged and having fun while knowing the activity will help stimulate their imagination. Isn’t that reason enough?

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