Summer Drink Essentials

Summer Drink Essentials

Beverages come out in full force during the summertime, whether in the form of much-needed water after sweating under the hot sun or as beer and other libations during barbecues, beach parties, and other warm-weather events. Make your summer drink essentials list now so you have all of the accessories you need for seasonal fun.

Portable Beverage Dispenser & Cups

Portable beverage dispensers complete with cups make welcome additions to any summer shindig. Fill them with water, juice, your personal sangria recipe, lemonade, or any other worthwhile warm weather beverage. These dispensers also work well for parties and gatherings you throw at home, and frequently feature pretty floral designs or other patterns for eye-catching additions to any food and drink table.


Like people, beverage cups sweat profusely during summer. Rather than allowing cups, especially glass cups, to slip through your fingers or your guests’ fingers, provide attractive napkin options. Tie-dye napkins, for example, add a groovy look and feel to a summer pool party or barbecue. And don’t worry if tie-dye isn’t your thing since paper napkins come in a wide variety of colors and styles, including those ideal for sporting events and themed birthdays.

Sport Water Bottles

Water bottles specifically designed for active individuals provide essential summer hydration. Give bottles to your kids this summer and encourage them to refill all day long so they never experience the headaches and other ill effects dehydration causes. Plenty of water bottles feature fun images, such as favorite cartoon or video game characters, to hold your kids’ interest.

Folding Camping Table & Chairs

Whether you love camping or simply hanging out in your backyard, tables and chairs with beverage containers are a must. Folding camping tables and chairs offer convenient beverage storage areas so you and your friends and family never have to worry about an open container or beer can getting knocked over. Additionally, these tables and chairs easily fold up into small bags, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go.

Vintage-Style Mason Jar Glasses

Vintage-style mason jar glasses keep your guests’ beverages cold no matter how long your barbecue or pool party lasts. These durable glasses include straws and metal screw-on lids, and hold up to 16 fluid ounces each. They also look as cool as they feel and often feature wording such as “Refreshing Ice Cold Drink.”

What are your summer drink essentials? Let us know in the comments!

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