Targeting a Female Audience With Great Promotional Items

Targeting a Female Audience With Great Promotional Items

There are a lot of approaches you can take to catch a woman’s eyes while shopping, and that is not meant to be a sexist statement. The truth is, women do the majority of the shopping in the United States and almost everywhere in the world. It also means they are savvier shoppers than men. Consequently, store owners have to be smart when trying to appeal to women’s sophisticated approach to shopping. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Build It for the Long Haul

Yes, women are smarter shoppers. However, retailers sometimes overlook the obvious fact that women “shop.” That means they do not mind putting in the time and effort to make a decision. Usually, that is because they want to find the best product for their buck. So it takes more than flash and hype to sell promotional items to these pros. Consequently, provide as much information as you can to explain and justify your products’ value, both financially and emotionally. Women want to know they are making a good decision and investment, especially considering they are often buying for their children and husband.


Unlike men, in general, women like to engage with salespeople, management, or an owner while in a store. It is a way for them to become more secure about the quality of the products and store, as well as gather more information. As mentioned, women are often not only buying for themselves, but for their families. Accordingly, they feel more responsibility to make a good decision. Therefore, make sure you and your employees are engaging with women, and providing as much information about your store and its promotional activities as possible. Most likely you will be rewarded with sales and repeat customers.

Clean and Safe

This may seem like another stereotype, but women prefer clean, safe environments in which to do their shopping, particularly if they are doing so with their children. They do not want to worry about their safety while they shop and keep an eye on their kids. In addition, women are big-picture shoppers, so they usually cannot just be convinced by a low price. They consider everything. So if they feel safe, see the store is well-kept, and the promotional items are easy to consider, they will stay and most likely buy.

In the end, surveying your retail space and considering how you can fine-tune its layout and presentation of promotional items to appeal to women will reap untold benefits. Targeting an audience, such as female shoppers, is not rocket science, but it does require a deliberate strategy.

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