Thanksgiving Must-Haves

Thanksgiving Must-Haves

If you have the honor of preparing this year’s Thanksgiving feast, it’s important to purchase the proper holiday must-haves before you tackle that turkey. These kitchen items can greatly minimize the mishaps that can mar your meal.

Heavy-Duty Poultry Lifters

An 18-pound bird may be tough to lift at the supermarket, but it’s even harder to maneuver when it’s been roasting in a hot oven all morning. Poultry lifters make it simple to move your turkey from the oven to the carving board to the serving platter, ensuring you don’t burn your hands, or drop your prized meal on the floor in front of 20 starving guests.

Electric Carving Knife

It’s true – a great carving knife is the difference between perfectly carved meat and a bird that has been hacked to pieces. Do yourself a favor and, before the big day arrives, purchase an electric carving knife. Not only will it be able to produce thick hunks and thin deli slices, but it’s safe and simple to use. Plus, you’ll probably end up pulling it out year round.

Potato Masher

A Thanksgiving meal is incomplete without a side of mashed potatoes. And if you’ve ever tried your hand at mashing with a big fork, you’ll appreciate a kitchen tool that gets the job done right. A heavy-duty stainless steel potato masher is designed to crush potatoes easily and can be popped right into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. You can even try it on sweet potatoes for a casserole or avocados for perfectly creamy guacamole.

Disposable Aluminum Pans

There are going to be a lot of dishes, and a lot of leftovers, during your Thanksgiving meal. To avoid a big clean-up, or the hassle of divvying up leftover turkey to family and friends, simply buy some disposable aluminum pans that you can toss away after using.

Hot Plates

When you’re serving a huge meal, hot plates come in handy to assure a piping hot meal on the table. Plan to use a few to keep the kitchen running efficiently all day long.

Drop Biscuit Pan

Save yourself the time it takes to roll the dough with a drop biscuit plan. All you do is spoon your mixture into each small compartment for a batch of golden-brown, fluffy biscuits. This kitchen tool can also be used for brownies, cornbread, muffins, or whatever else your bread-loving heart desires.

Don’t let your Thanksgiving feast become a giant feat. Use these must-haves for a seamless and smooth Thanksgiving meal.

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