Tips For Selling Successfully On Amazon

As you probably already know, Amazon has become one of the best places to market your products on the Internet. Over the years they’ve refined their platform to make the experience almost painless and effortless. Not that it still isn’t work, but they have made it pretty easy and most people are quite satisfied with them.

Many of you are already selling your Kole Imports wholesale merchandise on Amazon of course. Many others are new to the game and are still considering the best way to get started.

It really does pay to make Amazon at least a part of your selling strategy. They do a pretty good job of explaining the basics of how to get started on their site, and there are plenty of other resources on the Web to help. Of course, if you’re selling products from Kole Imports, they help a lot with their FBA prep services, which will make sure that all your items will be packaged and marked in full compliance with all of Amazon’s requirements.

So here are a few things to consider when signing up as an Amazon seller and getting started.

  • There are two types of sellers on Amazon, Merchant Fulfilled and FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon). When you first sign up you’ll be asked to choose whether you want to sell as a professional or as an individual. It’s best to go the professional route. As an individual, you’ll pay a 15% commission and $.99 on every sale. As a pro, you pay a fee of $39.95 a month and the 15%, but not the $.99. In the long run, you’ll save money if you sell a lot of merchandise. Also, you can sell items not already being sold on the site, apply to sell in certain restricted categories, and register your own brands.
  • Seriously consider the FBA program. As an individual or Merchant Fulfilled seller, you’re responsible for the packing and shipping, customer communications and complaints, and everything else. With FBA, you send the items to Amazon and they take it from there. Yes, it costs more, but there’s a certain amount of trust that buyers have for FBA sellers, and you’ll wind up selling more. Also, packaging tons of items and shipping them every day is a time-consuming chore.
  • If you are selling under the Merchant Fulfilled program, make sure you ship all items in a timely manner, ideally within a single business day, and always provide tracking information. You’ll be required to list shipping and handling times for all of your items, and if you start slipping, it can cost you your account, not to mention customer trust.
  • Answer customer queries quickly also, at least within 24 hours. Amazon frowns on slow responses. You can set up your account so questions go to your email.
  • Make sure your product descriptions are as accurate as possibly. People are unbelievably picky about this, and if it happens often it will lead to negative feedback and returns.
  • Ask for feedback and product reviews. People often forget to leave feedback, and a friendly reminder can work wonders. You can even sign up for services that send these reminders automatically. And product reviews, if you can get them, have been proven to increase sales significantly.
  • Make sure your products are labeled correctly. If you’re dealing with multiple items it’s easy to put on the wrong label. Of course, if you’re using Kole Imports FBA services, you won’t have to worry about that.


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