To Be a Dollar Store or Not to Be …

zebra As a marketer for Kole Imports, I often face  the challenge of making buyers see beyond merchandise category labels. I love this part of my job because it gives me a chance to help wholesalers and closeout dealers see the versatility in our merchandise. For example, yesterday I was on the phone with a wholesale floral supplier who had a problem: “I just don’t see that much I can use,” he said, “I’m not a dollar store.”

“You may not be a dollar store but your goal is to make a profit, right?” I asked him, “You want to get great savings and pass them along to your customers, don’t you?” Obviously, he responded affirmatively. Because that’s what we all want, suppliers and retailers alike. Our industries may be different and our “labels” diverse, but the goal of our businesses is the same. We are all in the business of making a profit.

And as profit-makers, sometimes we need to get creative. When you’re looking for the best deals and trying to stay a step ahead of your competition, you need a discerning eye and an open mind. That floral supply wholesaler was missing a valuable opportunity to take advantage of hundreds of products in our stock. He didn’t see the hidden gems hiding in merchandise categories that don’t immediately scream, “Floral Supplies!” Therefore he was missing out on a way to get great items at great prices, while also adding merchandise to his inventory that his competitors either don’t have or sell at much higher price points.

I’m going to give you the same tips I gave him. Here’s the list of items I gave him, along with their “alternate uses.” I think you might be surprised by some of the ways our merchandise can be used:

CC184: 7” Round Mirror
Floral Uses: Table embellishment. Place mirror underneath bud vase display for a quick dose of elegance.

 New PictureNew Picture (1)


 GV151: Small River Stones
 Floral Uses: Vase filler for bamboo and other floral arrangements to add natural appeal.

New Picture (2)New Picture (3)


 RB170: Peach Novelty Trim
 Floral Uses: Arrangements and displays. Adding a touch of bright ribbon or tulle can bring even a single flower to life!

New Picture (4)New Picture (5)


GC705: Glass Round Bowl
Floral Uses: Great for parties or weddings. Fill with water and use to float flowers and even tea light candles!

New Picture (6)New Picture (7)

 So for your next purchase, why not try to capture that creative edge over your competitors? Look into merchandise categories on our website that you have never browsed before. You may be surprised by what you find. Mr. Floral Supplies certainly was. He ended up making a purchase that very same day, and from what I hear, he will be reordering soon.

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