Top 10 Tips To Drive Discount Store Sales

Many of you who are a part of the Kole Imports family are selling your wholesale products in what can be called the discount store business model. You have a storefront, be it online or a brick-and-mortar shop, and you market your business as a discount store, much like the popular  Family Dollar or Dollar General chains do, which take their inspiration from the old five and dime stores, which some of you may remember.

Anyway, as a business owner, you know that economic times are tough, customers are tight with their money, and you have to do everything within your power to convince them to part with it. But these are tough times for retailers in other ways too. Not only do you have to obey all the old rules for building and operating a successful business, you have to follow all the new rules introduced in this newfangled digital world, which requires a new way of thinking and a different approach. It’s challenging, but it’s also kind of fun, isn’t it?

The one retail rule that will never change is that you have to buy your products at the cheapest price possible, and Kole Imports has you covered on that. But here are 10 other tips to help you keep your discount store sales brisk.

  • Emphasize the discount part. You’re a discount store, the whole point is that you can help people save money even while they’re spending it. That may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to always project that attitude to your customers.
  • Design for selling. If you have a B&M, pay attention to your lighting, create attractive displays, and consider where your products are placed in the store to attract attention, especially with impulse-buy items, just like the grocery.
  • Holiday sales. Create your own!. Why wait for the big holidays to come along? Just about every day is some kind of holiday. Is it National Hot Dog Day? Take Your Pet To Work Day? Get creative in your promotions, and your customers will have fun.
  • Revise your pricing. Constantly. If your products aren’t moving, and if other tactics haven’t worked, don’t hesitate to drop the price as much as possible.
  • Use social media. Sure, you probably already are. But do you keep up with it? Are you really using it to its full potential? Social media takes time and effort, and too many people neglect this essential, and free, marketing tool. Consider hiring someone to manage it if it’s feasible for you.
  • Use the power of email. Email marketing works, which is why you get so much of it. Keep up a regular correspondence telling your customers about new products, sales, and promotions.
  • Product reviews. If you have a website, and even if you’re a B&M you should, ask for product reviews. People love them, and they’re proven to generate sales.28
  • Business listings. Especially with the popularity of mobile devices these days, online business listings are indispensable. They’re free, and they tell people who and where you are. Keep them updated though, and claim them as your own.
  • Use traditional marketing. It’s easy to get hung up on online marketing, but don’t forget newspaper and Yellow Pages ads, as well as direct mail and the flyer on the supermarket bulletin board.
  • Use your imagination. Don’t be afraid to try new, and even crazy things to promote your business and generate sales. Make money, but have fun too!

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