Top 3 Products For 2019

Want to stock the products that people will be looking for in 2019? Fill your online inventory with these 3 must-haves and popular items, and look for other top items in the expansive and varied Kole Imports shop.


  1. Chrome Flyer Red Helicopter Drone with Remote


Drones are all the rage right now. Why don’t you take advantage of their popularity and stock your store with our Chrome Flyer Red Helicopter Drone with Remote? This drone comes with a multi-channel control system that lets users fly up to 3 helicopters at once. It’s simple for kids to use and its swinging “tail” moves in a realistic motion.


Great for children 8 years of age and older, this drone features a micro wireless helicopter and multi-channel control system along with a charging cord. A good toy or a fun gadget for grown-ups, the drone will be a hit with beginners and intermediate flyers.


  1. Black Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port


For travel, school and the office, our Black Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port is perfect. This attractive and functional backpack features 11 compartments that store items in various sizes, things that are needed throughout the day and even into the evening.


The backpack is large enough to carry a camera, snacks, and other essentials while out adventuring. It easily holds a laptop, books, an iPad and files. The built-in USB port is compatible with portable power banks and many of the gadgets we depend on. It’s easy and enjoyable to stay charged on the go with this good-looking and low-priced backpack.


  1. 400 Mah Power Boost Powerbank


Lightweight and sleek, our 400 Mah Power Boost Powerbank comes in pink or blue, and it’s perfect for staying charged anywhere. Your customers should never be left without power to their mobile phones, cameras, and iPods, not when it’s easy to carry this affordable power bank that works with Apple, Samsung and Android devices.


This power bank provides up to 2 charges for a range of electronics. It comes pre-charged and is kid-friendly. Buy this power bank in a blister pack of 8”x4.10”x1.96” products.


In addition to these top items, we have other popular products like a Utilitech 13-Watt Natural Daylight Bulb Set of 4. And, our iHip Warrior Black/Red Sports Earphones with Built-In-Mic, priced at less than $3 per piece, are sure to be a hit with your customers and with your bottom line.

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