Top Back-to-School Products

Top Back-to-School Products

Kids don’t all go back to school at the same time as they used to. Some get to extend their summer and enjoy completely relaxing days well past Labor Day. Others need to get ready for studying and schedules during the first part of August.

So that you’re ready with the top back-to-school supplies for the first families to start shopping, here are some of the most popular items you’ll want to stock up on:

Yellow #2HB Pencils with Eraser Tips

Our Yellow #2HB Pencils with Eraser Tips are sold in lots of 6. They’re great to have on hand for class work and after-school projects. Our Yellow #2HB pencils are eco-friendly and they feature super-bonded lead. Long-lasting eraser tips ensure they’re good until the last inch.

Jumbo Pink Pencil Eraser Set

Possibly one of the best back-to-school deals, our Jumbo Pink Pencil Eraser Set is priced at way less than a dollar an eraser. This school essential will come in handy for kids who need to erase away mistakes. The set contains flexible plastic erasers with angles for accuracy.

12-Pack Colored Pencils Set

Help kids unleash their inner artist with our 12-Pack Colored Pencils Set. This beautiful set comes with 12 pre-sharpened pencils in blendable, vivid colors. Our pencils are certified non-toxic and they come in individual packs with windows to show off the hues.

3-Piece Computer Mouse-Shaped Pencil Sharpeners

Playful computer mouse-shaped sharpeners are a fun tool for kids during school. These pencil sharpeners with playful mouse designs feature shaving compartments to keep messes contained. Wheels and short cords add to the whimsy of the sharpeners.

Math Toolset in Carrying Case

Most upper aged kid’s need a math toolset and some younger children are now required to have them. Our 8-Piece Math Toolset is perfect for high-quality measuring and writing. Tools come in a carrying case. Each case includes a 6-inch ruler, 180-degree protractor, compass, sharpener, eraser, pencil and 40 and 60-degree squares.

Make sure your online store is stocked with all the back-to-school necessities kids and their families will be searching for. Fill your inventory today with our top products and be there for children and parents even before teachers hand out their must-have lists.

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