Top Items For A School Fundraiser

With school starting for many students this fall, there’s bound to be requests from teachers and administrators for school supplies and money. Parents and PTA organizations can help collect funds for their schools by holding fundraisers with Kole Imports products.


Kole Imports sells a range of great household and personal items at affordable prices, all of which can help you earn money for your school. Take a look at our wide variety of items including:


Small Triangle Print Gift Bags Set


Our Small Triangle Print Bags Set is super for any occasion including the holidays coming up toward the end of this year. The 3-piece gift bag set features eco-friendly brown paper bags with a black mini triangle print and twisted paper handles.


Wine Gift Bags Set


Wine Gift Bags are ideal for giving wine and other spirits as well as non-alcoholic bottled items. We offer a 2-piece Wine Gift Bag Set made out of eco-friendly brown paper and decorated with black polka dots. These bags feature twisted paper handles and are approximately 5 inches tall.


Triangle Print Gift Bags Set


Kole Imports sells a multi-use 2-Piece Gift Bag Set made from eco-friendly brown paper and decorated with black mini triangles. These bags feature a twisted paper handle, and they’re perfect for decorating and personalizing.


Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set


Parents, friends, and family can mix, flip and serve food with our eco-friendly and beautiful Bamboo Kitchen Utensil set featuring colored handles. The spatula, slotted spoon, and solid spoon are safe for non-stick surfaces and each measures roughly 11 inches long.


Bamboo Travel Pillow


Our Bamboo Travel Pillow will help folks prepare for upcoming holiday vacations. It features a U-shaped design that makes it easy and comfortable to rest the head and neck on a plane, bus, train or car ride. The Bamboo Travel Pillow features a removable cover and is made of high-quality memory foam.


Rounded Bamboo Cutting Board


Every kitchen should have one of our stylish and functional Rounded Bamboo Cutting boards featuring layered bamboo and a recessed circle in the middle to contain liquids and messes. This cutting board measures 13 inches by 12 inches.


In addition to these popular items, we sell silicone baking sets, assorted glass condiment dispensers and more. Check out our product line for more top items to sell at a school fundraiser this year.

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