Travel In Style With These Inexpensive Items

As fun and exciting as traveling is, it can also be exhausting, especially when it involves one or multiple international flights. Help make things easier on yourself by traveling in style and comfort without spending too much money. Use these quality items to create a kit that helps you feel comfortable and secure no matter where you are in the world. 


Eye Masks


Get more restful sleep on overnight flights or shut out the lights when you want to rest on a plane or in a car during the day with these stylish eye masks. Featuring lovely eyelashes printed on satin fabric, the soft, cushioned masks also include elastic bands to fit comfortably around the head. The masks measure 7 1/2″ across the face and 4″ from the forehead to the cheek, and come in various colors. 


Travel Neck Pillow


Keep your neck supported during long flights and car/train rides with this cushy, super-comfortable travel neck pillow. It fits snugly around your head and neck to provide optimal support and features soft nylon and foam micro-beads. Use it to relax and prevent your neck from moving too much in transit. It also makes a great makeshift pillow when you need to rest. 


Tough Tested Mobile Tech Gear Bag


Protect your mobile devices during business trips with this Tough Tested Mobile Tech Gear Bag. Offering a portable compact design, this gear bag easily stores cameras, Bluetooth devices, and other items along with their respective chargers. The bag is 8″ x 5″ x 3.25” and includes a key clip, carabiner, two velcro compartments, cable or pen band, two zippered compartments, one small band, and two large bands. 


Assorted Phrase Luggage Bag


Ensure other travelers know your luggage does NOT belong to them with these fun and funny luggage tags. They feature phrases such as “I Come With Baggage!” and “Hands Off! This Is MY Bag!” with the back of the tags providing space for contact information. Each tag is 3.25″ in diameter and comes in various colors and styles. 


Toiletry Travel Bottle Set


Make it easy to travel with your personal care essentials using this clear toiletry bag. It includes durable plastic bottles for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, and sunblock, as well as toothbrush and soap holders. Each set contains one 1.69 ounce tube and two 2.7 ounce bottles as well as the holders for your soap and toothbrush. 

Get these and other travel essentials from Kole Imports & Closeouts today.  

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