Trending Top Halloween Products 2017

Trending Top Halloween Products 2017


It’s almost that time of the year again when ghoulishness, creepy crawlies and scaring the living daylights out of friends and family get their day in the sun, so to speak. So with Halloween 2017 fast approaching, isn’t it time you start putting together your favorite decorations so you’re ready for October?


Happily, a quick trip to Kole Imports is all you need to find everything for Halloween 2017. Here are our favorite items of the season:


Serving Up Some Candy!

There are some absolutely dastardly ways to serve candy, starting with the 12-ounce green-and-black Spiderweb Bowl for Halloween, now on sale for $0.02—yes, that’s not a misprint. Since you spent virtually nothing on that, you can grab one each of the orange Skull Halloween Candy Dish, Halloween Pumpkin Candy Dish and Coffin Halloween Candy Dish, all just $0.39. If ghostly white is more your style, then go for the Halloween Ghost Candy Dish for just $0.90.


Get a Scare on!

Making your home positively frightful has never been easier, as Kole Imports has everything you need to bring a little darkness to any room. Check out the Foil Halloween Warning Tape for just $0.10. This 30-foot by 2-inch orange and black tape is perfect to punctuate the entrance to your Halloween party, with the words “Caution” and “Beware” in black against a backdrop of orange and flying bats. Dress that tape up with a few Flashing Halloween Party Buttons for $0.35 apiece. These round, flashing buttons read “I’m Here for the Boos!” and are perfect adornments. You will also want to extend the horrors to your beverage napkins. Luckily, you can hit guests up with a couple different varieties, including the Halloween Batitude Beverage Napkins for just $0.49. This set of 18 9 1/2 inch in diameter napkins are orange and feature two black bats and “Boo!” written across them. Similarly, the 18-count Halloween Ghost Beverage Napkins Set features a white ghost on a black and gray background with “Boo!” written across them. These adorable, and slightly scary napkin sets will leave your guests with clean hands and a mild case of the shakes.


So make sure this Halloween is scary because you were ready for it, not because you were caught unprepared. One trip to Kole Imports is all it takes.

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