Closeout Underwear and Bras

“Hey, what’s under there?”

“Under where?”

“Ha ha.  You said ‘underwear'”

That joke was all the rage back when I was in kindergarten, and it’s still funny today.  “What’s underwear?” you ask.  It’s what we just received as a new wholesale closeout lot.  We have some bras (items # GH378 and GH379) and some panties (Item # GM195) for women, and cotton low-rise tighty-whitey briefs for men.  They are wholesale priced well under a dollar, and ready to sell, labeled with upc codes.  Low-priced underwear is a great item for any discount store.  Click here to see all of our wholesale underwear.  Take advantage of these closeout deals and boost your store’s profits.  Here are some pictures.

Men's Low-Rise Briefs Wholesale Underwear # GH182

Men's Low-Rise Briefs Wholesale Underwear # GH182

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