How to Use Our Products for Charity

How to Use Our Products for Charity

As one of the biggest wholesale websites in the nation, shipping to more than 100 international companies worldwide, we find it very important to give back to our customers via charity. Here are some great ways to use our products for charity purposes.

Get Creative

With party favors and décor, we have the perfect selection of items to take your charity or fundraising event to the next level. Get creative with our plethora of confetti, coasters, hats, plates, banners, and candles.

One of the best ways to raise money for a charity is to host a celebration. Outfit your event with the perfect decorations, which will surely get you more bang for your buck.

School Fundraisers

Want to show your kids’ school some love and support? Host a fundraiser to raise money for new sports team jerseys, books, computers, tablets, or more. Kole Imports has tons of perfect products ideal for any school charity event, including games, key chains, seasonal items, toys, crafts, and desk supplies. Not only will you be raising money for an excellent cause, but the folks involved will love the products you chose!

Every Dog Has His Day

With a plethora of pet supplies, why not host a benefit for the local pound? You can have a dog walking marathon, or a giveaway with items such as leashes, dog beds, food bowls, toys, and more. During your giveaway, have pictures of featured animals available for adoption next to the products available for donation, or simply have them there themselves. It’ll be a fun day for all that is guaranteed to get tails wagging!

Local Homeless Shelters

With winter almost upon us, it’s important for everyone to be warm and comfortable. Why not host a fundraiser for your local homeless shelter? Kole Imports offers a variety of affordable clothing, blankets, hats, scarves, and more.

Rent a space at a church or a local soup kitchen in your hometown and have your guests help cook food for the local homeless people and donate their gently used apparel, blankets, and more. You can also have a giveaway with our items and a raffle.

With so many items to pick from, you can use our products for many fundraising and charity ideas. From school charity events to fundraisers for the local pound, Kole Imports is proud to help you give back!



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